Kehinde Wiley

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Head to the Brooklyn Museum A$AP Rocky because this exhibit is an absolute must. I’m going to be honest here, I don’t really get art. Yes, I was in complete awe when I saw Monet’s water lillies at L’Orangerie, but I’m equally as intrigued by the artful endeavor of a warm, crusty, half-baked Levain chocolate chip cookie. Okay, maybe not equal, but…actually, I don’t know.

Dumplings & bourbon


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The intake didn’t occur simultaneously (bourbon and dumplings), but come to think of it, a whiskey sour with veggie dumplings sounds kind of…not too shabby. FYI, the one from The Leadbelly changes lives. I’m convinced it’s my weekly dosage of anti-inflammatory, cold-fighting remedies–ginger. Anyways, life had come to the point where I almost had to eat my phone if another Mimi Cheng’s dumpling surfaced on Instagram. No need, I went with Jilly and attacked these kale, zucchini, mushroom and egg mighty veggie dumplings. Boom, off the list.

New Year Essentials

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…Include kicking ass and killer cocktails, both of equal importance. Now that we have boxing and bourbon on the table, let’s discuss. Overthrow boxing opened up in the city this month, and I was almost hesitant to share it because it’s just too good and I want to make sure I can still get a spot in the class.