Crostinis are funny.



Take a slab of baguette, toast it to your liking (or don’t), smother it with something spreadable, sprinkle it with a garnish. And boom, a crostini is born. If you’re feeling extra swanky, you can call it a tartine and just expand the circumference a bit. (That’s the extent of my math skills acquired over the years.)

A Quickie Escape

feast-worthy, May never return


I was a tour guide in my past life (still considering for future occupation).ย I also have no sense of direction, so merci Google Maps.ย I love crafting itineraries and leading the exploration. So far, I think I can be hired. And here’s to a quick London getaway for Memorial Day Weekend with my grandparents.

I never fini-

Random Rambling.

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 8.12.46 PM

-sh anything I start. Except for my Honeycup Uniquely Sharp Stone Ground Spicy Mustard (it changes lives. And eggs.) and this Chocolove Orange Peel Dark Chocolate bar. Okay, and like seven fresh ginger beer crafted cocktails with bottom shelf bourbon because somehow, Jim Beam, Bulleit and Makers all taste the same to me, so bring out whatever is lingering.