Around town


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If you have the honor or residing in Planet Miami, than The Broken Shaker should be home base in the cocktail department. I think I was going to need emergency chocolate resuscitation after sipping the spiciest mango caipirinha of all times, but I ain’t complaining. I found the key to the ultimate anti-chug cocktail: make it spicyyyy. So that was that. The other fancy one with a nice herby touch, that was a special request by DLacs, because she likes citrus+spicy, and special humans get special requests.


Things to hoard.

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Because I am the queen of all things random, I’ve decided that this roundup goes with the mood of the day. Mood: in need of beach and sun, because it’s 80 degrees + humid and rainy–the holy trinity of FRIZZ and for the first time, I will say that I miss the Madison winters. I might be kidding, haven’t decided yet. Will get back to you on that one.

Summer thangs

Things to hoard.

summer inspo


I haven’t posted any wearables lately because I think I’ve been pretty fixated on all things inhalable (oops, that’s not a word). I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing, but since variety is the sriracha of our existence…here you go! A little summer inspiration never does any harm.

Your new workout


cutlery-workoutinvolves eating. You’re welcome. About this (hefty) cutlery…umm, yeah the dessert spoon is the heaviest, clocking in at 2kg, while the fork and knife are 1 kg each. The company is called Eat Fit Cutlery.

I’m about to eat a mountainous stack of pancakes so I can prolong my heavy lifting and skip the gym. Except that I’m not down to drop $145 on funky utensils, so I still have to take my fatass to the gym and continue my sensational egg-white sprees. Ugh.