When life gives you…



…boredom, hungry friends, lemons, limes, basil, mini cucumbers and a blender, make basil cucumber lemonade. Life actually made us linger at Fresh Market for quite some time…it didn’t exactly just hand us the tree of basil we purchased. Or you can be that person and drink that gnarly pre-made sugary Simply Lemonade thing, whatev. I ain’t judging. Well, maybe a little.



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By the time I finally make the executive decision to crawl out of bed, it’s somehow Sunday evening and than Monday and than…WTF, I’m having my morning espresso, dark circles creeping under leftover mascara smudge, and bun high on my head to blend right in at the gym full of Lululemon-heads with biceps bigger than my ass house.

Around town


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If you have the honor or residing in Planet Miami, than The Broken Shaker should be home base in the cocktail department. I think I was going to need emergency chocolate resuscitation after sipping the spiciest mango caipirinha of all times, but I ain’t complaining. I found the key to the ultimate anti-chug cocktail: make it spicyyyy. So that was that. The other fancy one with a nice herby touch, that was a special request by DLacs, because she likes citrus+spicy, and special humans get special requests.


Things to hoard.

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Because I am the queen of all things random, I’ve decided that this roundup goes with the mood of the day. Mood: in need of beach and sun, because it’s 80 degrees + humid and rainy–the holy trinity of FRIZZ and for the first time, I will say that I miss the Madison winters. I might be kidding, haven’t decided yet. Will get back to you on that one.

Summer thangs

Things to hoard.

summer inspo


I haven’t posted any wearables lately because I think I’ve been pretty fixated on all things inhalable (oops, that’s not a word). I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing, but since variety is the sriracha of our existence…here you go! A little summer inspiration never does any harm.

Your new workout


cutlery-workoutinvolves eating. You’re welcome. About this (hefty) cutlery…umm, yeah the dessert spoon is the heaviest, clocking in at 2kg, while the fork and knife are 1 kg each. The company is called Eat Fit Cutlery.

I’m about to eat a mountainous stack of pancakes so I can prolong my heavy lifting and skip the gym. Except that I’m not down to drop $145 on funky utensils, so I still have to take my fatass to the gym and continue my sensational egg-white sprees. Ugh.