Random Rambling.


Whatever that means. (Excludes things like sending in your taxes on time, etc.)


Thoughts on the Subway

Random Rambling.

The other day I forgot my headphones in some coat pocket and was left in mental solitary confinement for all 29 minutes of my commute. My mind started to roam to weird ass places. What does everyone think about when they’re left with just their thoughts? Here’s a glimpse.

Unfinished Biz



So I realized I never finished blabbering about the things I inhaled in Paris last month, which is a crime and no way to end the year. What if I didn’t tell the world about my goat cheese quiche? How would people even find purpose? IDK. So here I go. Also, this is how I remember my caloric intake/revelations abroad, which is crucial for when I migrate/elope there and never come back.