Coffee Shop hangout: found.




I found my coffee shop. Thus far, it is the only spot where the luxury of having soy milk in your coffee is normal in this country. I refuse to go into Starbuck’s on this trip. Anyways, I stumbled upon Kooka Boora online and let Google Maps lead the way. It’s a nice tiny (everything in this country is minuscule) coffee shop in some gangsta hood that has a small selection of foods, the best chocolate chip cookie of all times, and some great drinks.

Great story: the first time I went… I get to the counter and was all like OMG I can’t believe you guys have soy milk, how exciting. I ordered a soy cappuccino. I am served that beautiful latte with a heart. I drink it. As I chug it, I’m all like wow this is unreal… Best latte ever. Low and behold, the server comes up to me and was like wow I’m so sorry we accidentally gave you a whole milk latte. I thought something was funky. I was just enjoying it too much to think logically. She than gave me the soy cappuccino for free and felt so bad that she came back 5 minutes later with a free cookie. Obviously I wasn’t going to be like “no thanks, I’ll pass on the warm and melty chocolate cookie,” because it was staring me in the face, it was free, and it was chocolate.

So there you have it. Trekked the streets of Paris for a soy cappuccino and left with a whole milk latte, soy cappuccino and chocolate chip cookie in my belly.

Kooka Boora, 62 Rue des Martyrs, 75009 (Pigalle metro)


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