AKA Copenhagen.

Although I came back with a cold because the weather was absolutely ferocious and miserable, I was very impressed with the city. Let me begin by saying that it is the most expensive place I have visited. I thought Paris was bad. I was wrong.

It was worth every penny.

Anyways, I got to Copenhagen on a Thursday afternoon, left on a Sunday afternoon and did everything I needed to do. And more. I must recommend: Joe and the Juice. Amazing juice bar. $10 per juice. Hate to say it was worth it… There are several healthy lunch spots on every corner of the city (can’t say the same is true for Paris…) The men are absolutely stunning. Literal perfection. And everything was very cute, clean and beautiful. All the little colorful houses… We also went to this pot-smoking hippie village called Christiana. Interesting. “The sale and use of marijuana is illegal. Enjoy. No pictures allowed.” It was basically like a mini Amsterdam.


So apparently Furbies are back in style, which was a nice #tbt, and waffles on a stick are found in too many locations. Thats me and Brooke by the Queen’s crib and that’s me by the colorful houses.


That was an overpriced brunch at Cafe Norden. Cool place. Maybe go for a coffee because my miniature OJ was great, my mayo-loaded salmon spread was exactly what it sounds like, my pocket-sized scrambled eggs in a cup were great (eggs are hard to screw up I think) and the carrot cake was mediocre. But the sandwiches at the table next door looked bomb. Thats me and my lego granny. Next pic is of some freezing people. And the next is a view overlooking Christiana.


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