The thought that counts


I had fully intended to embark on my study abroad trip and religiously document all my adventures on a blog. Adventures meaning culinary experiences, and… yeah. So there I sit at each meal (the ones that look beautiful on a platter) and start snapping pictures because I think its worth it to share. And it is. However, I decided to switch to WordPress from Blogger and my layout is ugly right now so I don’t want to share such beautiful information on such a not beautiful blog. But I think its the content that will matter. So when you see a picture of my stunning crepe, I don’t think the fact that the font is overly large and awkwardly aqua will interfere. I will fix it. Eventually.Image


This was the awesome Frenchie casually having lunch with her dog at Cafe Strada, my new spot on Rue de Temples. Very friendly staff, have soy milk, great quiche and wifi (all essentials). Oh, side note: its more acceptable to bring your dog to lunch than your crying child.ImageOh.. and than this was my salmon and spinach quiche. It was great.



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