No photos allowed


…so I lurked around like a pedophile to sneak some mediocre shots at the Hey! Modern art and pop culture exhibition.

ImageIt was unreal. Crazy shit for weird people like myself, and tons of others who crowded the Halle Saint Pierre on a Saturday evening, around 5pm.

Let’s be real. Homeboys like Dali and Chagall are clearly talented. No doubt. But some of their art is a bit hard to relate to (personally.)

Now when you have an artist like Mariel Clayton messing up every perfect image associated with Barbie, I’m like damn. I feel you girl.


Image from

Or when a metal creature is sporting a serious fur coat and dragging its feet while mumbling “j’ai froid” (I’m cold) I’m all like yo hook me up with the beast your wearing on your back.


Here’s a few more shots I snuck until I got yelled at, and than obviously continued.

ImageLike…what’s good Ronald? Is that who you chill with outside your playhouse? I knew there was more to you than striped socks and cardiovascular arrest induced french fries.

And then there was this…


Just a couple of friends chillin on a Saturday.

And obviously a great cafe with beer, juices (from Alain Milliat), wine and a small selection of pastries.



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