Food: Nanashi



Think Japanese-style food minus sushi. Cute, modern decor. Hipster humans. Healthy options.

Appetizer: shitaki mushrooms with a hint of lemon. Approve.

Main: chirashi de saumon- a white, sticky bed of rice with a nice mix of lettuce and fresh and zesty salmon cubes. (main dishes around 15 euros)

Dessert: the photo does no justice but the cooked fruit salad was bomb. 

They also have bento box specials daily, one fish option, a meat option and a veggie option.

The service was very mediocre. The waiter forgot about our edamame (claiming we didn’t order) and forgot about the fruit salad (also claiming we didn’t order). Like… why would I not get an appetizer and dessert? Get with it.

All in all, I definitely recommend. Cute and casual with a nice atmosphere of people to stare at, generous amount of bread (they brought a second basket without our asking- extremely rare) and delicious food (salivated every time a dish strolled by.)

Nanashi, 57 Rue Charlot (or 31 rue de Paradis)


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