My one and only





The fact that I’m not kidding is potentially disturbing. So, for some reason, everyone who comes abroad to Paris has Les Philosophes on the must-visit list. I followed directions. I got a goat cheese salad, obviously. The photo does no justice in showing how mammoth the cheese rounds were. I wouldn’t lie.

Anyways, there is a reason the basket of bread was photographed. It’s because there were like eight slices in it, which is a rarity when serving for one in Paris. But all tables, regardless of the amount of people occupying it, were given the same serving of bread. It just so happened that I was on a school lunch break and got to devour them all on my lonesome. It was also top-notch quality baguette.

This was no Miami Juice, but my salad was good (not exceptional), the service was incredible (never thought I would say that)- but my dish arrived as I was munching on my second piece of baguette slice, and the servers were very friendly. Nice ambiance, crowded lunch spot. Great street.

Les Philosophes, 28 rue Vieille du Temple, 75004


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