Danger zone


ImageObviously had a culinary tour around Paris when my girls from Barcelona came in town. First stop: Chez Janou. Word on the street was: “authentic French spot with bomb chocolate mousse.” Well. That appetizer was a zucchini, tomato and goat cheese crumble, it was delicious. But than my fish looks like it landed on my plate straight from the ocean (really, why couldn’t they remove the scales before feeding it to me?) and it was mediocre. The roasted vegetables were great but overall, i’ve had better sea bass. BUT THEN….

ImageThis little fella landed on our table… They bring you this MASSIVE bowl and let you do the works yourself. Don’t they know Americans like five hefty servings? It was the best chocolate mousse in the world. Not kidding. Oh, they leave the bowl on your table for approx seven minutes. Not complaining.

I recommend going for an appetizer, the mousse and the nice 25 euro bottle of Cote du Rhone.

Starters around 10 euros, main dishes 16-22.

ImageAnd thats the nice French ambiance. Must make reservations.

Chez Janou, 2 Rue Roger Verlomme, 75003


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