Potentially overrated


Among the many hours I spend searching for new food spots online, Coutume Cafe has popped up on several different reliable outlets. It had been awaiting its time on my must-visit list.


(Pic #2 from lebonbon.fr- it came out better than mine. Awkward.)

Ambiance- a yes. A spot for picky eaters- probably not. (PS. I am not picky. Just saying.)

I was hoping that my brunch on a Saturday afternoon would be filled with omelets and fattening pastries… Instead, brunch was no longer served. And the closest thing that satisfied my craving would be Norwegian salmon pancakes.

I got a formule for 13 euros, which included my pumpkin soup (good, nothing outrageous), my funky pancakes and a hot drink (full fat cappuccino. obviously no soy milk in this country.)


It was good. Different. There are two whole-wheat looking pancakes hiding under the fish and…green plant?

I recommend going for the coffee. The place was cute. My food was good. I’ve had better. The reviews were all great though…I guess I missed the fried egg time. Oh well.

Coutume Cafe, 47 Rue de Babylone, 75007



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