Almond milk exists here after all…



Took long enough to find it, and my body had already gotten accustomed to processing full on cow’s milk and then…voila. Cafe Pinson, the new health spot on the block told me they “only” had almond milk as if it were an issue. I immediately ordered a cappuccino and got a little too excited.

ImageMy fam arrived in Paris today so I’ll definitely be crossing some restaurants off my never-ending list… My mom and I took advantage to squeeze in this cafe before my brother arrived, who would devour my entire 17 euro formula as an appetizer. Above is my lentil salad, with kale and tofu and than my mushroom, onion and parsley tart.

ImageThis was my shugamomma’s bomb apple, celery and citrus juice. I think it was the winner. And then the carrot cake and veggie plate.

Image…And my soy yogurt with granola to top it off (they offer almond milk yogurt too, but didn’t have it)

Overall, the meal was good and the ambiance was great. The bread was a bit rough to tackle, but Im a pro so I managed (I’ve had softer baguettes…) But when you need a good healthy meal, sometimes options are limited up in here. I also love Bob’s Kitchen…but this place had been talked up and well-reviewed so I needed to give it a try. (plates from around 5-9 euros, small/human/baby-sized portions.)

Cafe Pinson, 6 rue du Forez, 75003

Pluses: open for brunch, almond milk, wifi, cozy.


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