On top of the world



Georges, the Costes restaurant on the rooftop of the Pompidou museum was an extremely memorable experience. Maybe it was the pricey menu, the lavish decor, or my stunning beet carpaccio…but your paying for the moment and the view.

ImageTres cool. Had quite the meal up there with my mom and brother this evening. 

ImageSo there was a club sandwich, a nice creamy shrimp risotto…

ImageAnd the winners…a beet carpaccio with truffle and a molten chocolate cake. That beet appetizer is necessary. I had a veggie omelet, which was good but not aesthetically pleasing enough to land a spot next to the beauties photographed above.

ImageCaution: the food was a bit on the expensive side. However, it is definitely nice to go for the view and the overall experience. Maybe go for an appetizer, drink or dessert (even though an eclair here is 16 euros…but it was the longest thing I’ve ever seen. Seriously.)

Georges,19 Rue Beaubourg, 75004




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