Chic or Chick?


Leave it to holy brother Daniel to make all sophisticated words in French sound like some kind of calle ocho dialect. “Chic” in French, meaning stylish or posh, is not the same as “chick” as in the young bird or girl…


Anyway, Pizza Chic was an amazing pizza discovery in Paris. Nice ambiance, great menu and the best mozzarella a cow can produce. Make sure to overdose on the balsamic glaze from Modena, which I nearly drank. The carciofi grigilati AKA grilled artichoke appetizer is greatly recommended (comes with a nice piece of burrata)…as is the antipasto chic, which is a charcuterie plate with grilled veggies and more mozzarella…


We got the diva pizza (mushrooms, olives, tomatoes, mozzarella and jambon) as well as the crudaiola pizza that was hidden under the tastiest bed of roquette. The guy at the table next door had the grilled vegetarian pizza which looked phenomenal.

pizza chic3
There is a nice beverage selection, including Alain Milliat juices and wine/champagne/rum/whiskey etc. Great cappuccino as well. Oh, and they have nutella pizza, which I happened to have devoured last week at Grazie, I’ll tell you about it in a sec.

Pizzas from 16-21 euros. Appetizers from 10-18 euros. Do it.

Pizza Chic, 13 Rue de Mézières, 75006


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