Macarons, etc.


Please do not confuse these works of art with the coconut macaroons consumed on Passover. Please.


So…after overloading on carbs at Pizza Chic, we planned on a quick pit stop at Pierre Hermé. But then we saw a massive line and decided to head to La Maison du Chocolat instead. I didn’t mind because I got my Pierre fix last week with Clarita, so a little variety wouldn’t kill me. Evidence above. I got a praline one and a dark chocolate+honey one. Amazing. Worth the hype. If you haven’t gone, you haven’t lived.

ImageLa Maison du Chocolat is incredible. Three large macarons for 12 euros is a little pricey, so my mother and I savored every bite as we shielded our chocolate macaron from people strolling the street so I wouldn’t have to destroy anyone who would potentially knock into me. I would hate to apply the 30-second rule to exquisite dessert. Meanwhile, Daniel slurped his vanilla macaron in .2 seconds. Standard.

Pierre Hermé, 72 Rue Bonaparte

La Maison du Chocolat,19 Rue de Sèvres

TRY BOTH. And La Duree obv…


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