How (in)convenient



Today I made a risky discovery. It just so happens that two blocks from my apartment resides…Le Chocolat manufacture de Alain Ducasse. The renowned chef, who just so happens to have 24 restaurants in 8 countries also happens to have a little chocolate haven too close to my apartment. FML. 


Oh, and there’s a couple of free samples lounging around which I immediately darted for and hovered over since I wasn’t particularly fond of the idea of purchasing an entire bar for myself. (Only because I already have a whole bar of Lindt and it’s just too much of a wild party to spend the night with two chocolate bars.) The samples were unbelievable.

The bars were also 7 euros, which would approximate the costs of tonight’s dinner, so I opted out for the evening. Other chocolate ensembles included 200g of chocolate for 14 euros, and than more pricey little packages from there.

Alain Ducasse, 40 Rue de la Roquette, 75011


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