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Alert: Converse opened up a pop up shop on 19 Rue Yves Todic—it will be open from March 23-April 21. 

ImageAside from unveiling an exclusive capsule collection, they have a “tune and repair” section upstairs that can revamp your converse and bring them back to life…for free. You just bring them in and they shape them up. I didn’t want to rid my ragged, holy and destroyed converse of their personality, so they remain a bit untidy for now.


But since I didn’t repair…I decided to acquire. So I went with the snakeskin because animal print is my jam and I figured my leopard ones could use a friend… They also had some casual attire for sale.


Open everyday except for Mondays. Oh, and for 5 euros, you can customize your kicks with studs, etc. Check it out.

PS. Just around the corner…4 Rue Marseille to be precise…was a Maje outlet. Sorry.

Converse, 19 Rue Yves Toudic, 75010




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