Balls for all



Café Moderne, an underrated gem on Rue Keller in Bastille is a delicious spot with menu options for all walks of life. For 12 euros, you can get any kind of burger (veggie, fish, beef…) or my favorite was the meatball option. For 11 euros, you choose between salmon and dill meatballs, a beef and lamb combination with raisins and pine nuts, or regular beef. You than choose a sauce: tomato, mushroom, Parmesan cream or pesto and a “garniture;” fries (delish), pan-fried potato with onion (also delish), creamy polenta, mixed veggies or salad.


Here’s Alex posing with his beef and lamb combo in a mushroom sauce with polenta and potatoes. The dish was absolutely delectable, as were my salmon meatballs in a tomato sauce with veggies and salad. Don’t be fooled by the wholesome choice I opted for, I totally downed too many crackers with goat cheese and Camembert minutes before…

Great ambiance. Appetizers from 5-8 euros, mains from 11-13 euros and a nice drink and dessert selection as well.

Closed on Sundays. Open from 12-3pm and 7-12pm since there’s always a nice afternoon gap when you are inconveniently hungry and on the prowl at 4pm.

Café Moderne, 19 Rue Keller, 75011


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