Soy Disappointed


ImageMiss Ko, you have seriously robbed me of my ongoing, no fail culinary experience. I have wined and dined at mighty fine holes in the wall that weren’t blessed with Philippe starck decor and still managed to satiate my checklist. The miso eggplant above was the winner of the three. Don’t let the adorable stacked salmon ensemble fool you…

ImageAnyway, as this sushi spot seemed to make it on everyone’s “it” list for those seeking a hip dining experience, I decided to take the fam for a nice Passover dinner… The decor was very cool, Starck after all…the food was beautifully presented on the plate, but I can’t say the same about the taste. And don’t get me started on the service, or lack thereof. Maybe you’ll have better luck with a cocktail. 5 stars for ambiance and one for everything else.

Thankfully the company was incredible, as sharing a meal with my mom and brothers picked up the slack and managed to make the experience enjoyable without savoring the food…

Miss Kô, 49/51 Avenue George V, 75008




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