Undercover brother



I’ve begun to conclude that my favorite spots in Paris are unidentified and anonymous from the outside (Candelaria, Bob’s…) and now Little Red Door. You just see a perfect little red door, closely resembling a seductive Nars lipstick, or a hormone-infused jumbo strawberry from America. And if it’s your first time paying a visit, you don’t have the privilege of entering through this little red door, rather the one directly next to it. The ambiance is dim and romantic, the perfect setup for a tamed night with girlfriends and pricey, yet mouthwatering cocktails.

Sammy and Carly had the famed “Frenchie Coingcidance,” a blend infused with vodka, vermouth, coing poivrée compote, citrus juice and champagne (13 euros.) I opted for the “Pear-Sing,” a mix of gin, chartreuse, red fruit syrup, citrus juice, manguine William pear, verbena and…a dash of absence (14 euros.) Both were great, there’s was a tad better…

The service was excellent (it wasn’t too crowded though), and the feel was nice and cozy.

Little Red Door, 60 Rue Charlot, 75003


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