Brunch for beasts


I am not sure how to go about this one. If I really delve into my sentimental dining experience at Claus this afternoon, there is no way I will maintain my credibility as a sane human being (probably long gone anyway.)


The entrance of the restaurant leads you into a little food shop, fully equipped with scrumptious pastries that make you gain weight just by staring, homemade jams, and an array of edibles that make you desperately long to be in a food coma.

You go up the stairs and land in a cozy room to begin your feasting. I’m going to go ahead and create the term “menu anxiety,” because there are five fixed-price formulas on one side, and an entire a la carte menu on the other. And I must admit my stress levels escalated out the roof because I wanted every single thing. I’m not kidding but whatever.


I went for “Le Claus,” a 15 Euro potion fully fortified with a hot drink of choice, a fresh fruit juice, bread+butter+jam, a soft-boiled egg and some homemade muesli. The cappuccino was excellent (coutume coffee), I had an apple & red fruits mixed fresh juice that was to die for, and I don’t think the breadbasket needs an explanation. Except to note that the gargantuan bowl of mixed bread was shared between Carly, Sammy, Natasha and I. And we killed it. Oh, the jams…Strawberry mint, raspberry elderflower, and the winner: fig, honey, lemon.


The service was excellent and the restaurant was exceptional and a vital visit. Top 5 on my list no doubt.

Brunch formulas from 14-26 euros, a la carte menu starting at 2 euros. We went at 12pm on a Friday so had no problem getting a table, but good luck on Sundays…

Claus, 14 Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, 75001


5 thoughts on “Brunch for beasts

  1. I would have sworn a place like this would be in the 3rd or 11th. So cute and not expensive. I will be going soon. I believe you are now my official resto guru. I shall follow you blindly. (No pressure or anything.)


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