Plump piece of pie



Okay so I realized the majority of my desserts here have been heavily reliant on chocolate. Whether that means downing a few Kinder Bueno’s (they don’t sell the Kinder hippos here…thank god), an éclair, or a macaron, I needed a bit of a change. So when I heard Le Loire dans la Théière was known for its mountainous lemon meringue pie, I knew Sammy would be down to share a slice…or two. The millefeuille was good but nothing remotely compared to the one at Jacques Genin. It’s all about the lemon meringue pie up in here.

ImageThe place was nice and casual, a bunch of mix-matched furniture and chairs and two rooms packed with diners feasting on quiche, dessert and tea…if your into that kind of thing. This funky looking meal was a fabulous cousin of the quiche; a tart with spinach, egg, raisins and olives. Quite the mix. So we shared this, the omelet and both desserts…Left in a food coma.

Small menu; prices from 7-12 euros. Check it out.

Le Loire dans le Théière (which means a mouse in a teapot), 3 Rue des Rosiers, 75004


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