Crepe vs. Salad



I mean…obviously crepe. But once you have this mentality for a few months, you realize a bowl of greens wouldn’t kill you once in a while. So at Breizh cafe, I had a crepe simply because there were no other options on the menu and…it’s a renowned/David Leibovitz approved restaurant. So I indulged in a nice gruyere crepe with a few decorative veggies and an egg on top and a few glasses of cider. But it was buckwheat and really skinny so I’m just going to pretend buckwheat=whole wheat and I needed my daily intake of grains. It sounds acceptable in my brain. I enjoyed it but found the place slightly overrated. Good but nothing to rave home about… Crepes were about 12 euros, and i think you can get a fabulous street crepe for a fraction of that.


So then I entered Suzette, a recommended crepe, galette and salad spot in Le Marais, and opted for the Georgette salad, perfectly sized with some tuna, roasted peppers, egg, olives and a dash of pesto. It was great. For a change. Because next time I deserve a nice cheesy galette. Impressive menu. Great salads for 9,50 euros, galettes from 8,50-10,50. Go for it.

Breizh Café, 111 rue Vielle du Temple, 75003

Crêperie Suzette, 24 Rue des Francs-Bourgeois, 75003


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