Fam night out



The food has been amazing, don’t get me wrong. But no particular flavors have burst out of my quiches other than cheese and more cheese. Last nights dinner at La Régalade Conservatoire epitomized flava-flave at its finest.  



(Not the Flava-Flav above…) The 3 course, fixed price menu boasted an array of hearty dishes for carnivores and lovers of all sea creatures.


 Thankfully, the waiter made some kind of mistake with my appetizer, in that he brought me the mackerel tartar I ordered, as well as the creamy cuttlefish risotto with roasted garlic prawns and laughing cow cheese…FML? The risotto was a winner.


As a main, I had a “poached codfish in a Thai broth with orecchiettes pasta, cockles and a coconut milk emulsion.” Tres bon. And since I had to have dessert (I really did, it was part of the deal)…I went for the half-baked molten chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream. I think I was well-fed that night…merci to my fabulous aunt Michy.


Oh, the rice pudding with caramel sauce is a staple there, it’s also the size of a basketball. And when you find a big portion in France…it’s rare. So you need to embrace it and lick the plate clean. Or be French and do that small portion thing… But I’m American.

La Régalade Conservatoire, 7-9 rue Conservatoire, 75009


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