Another hole-in-the-wall coffee


ImageI am well aware that my coffee hobby has been mentioned several times throughout the blog. Well, theres another spot you should know of. It is very petite but very delicious. By small I mean there are 4 seats at a little bar, and a cube as a table in the middle for you to stand and sip. Above is my noisette to go (you should know what it is by case you haven’t been paying attention, it is my espresso with a bit of milk)

ImageAnd when I decide to splurge in life, I go for a cappuccino (this one might be part of my top 5.) Oh, I wasn’t even saying it in the sense of drinking whole cow’s milk (I would do anything for some Almond Breeze), but I’m over the dairy dilemma. Ask my quiche collection. I meant that indulging in a nice 5 euro cappuccino has become a luxury. Ask me if I would ever pay $6.50 for a coffee in the US and I would laugh, but actually it is far from funny. The best part is the milk designs in the coffee. Put a heart in my coffee and I will love it forever and feel guilty demolishing the design with my secret stash of Truvia.

There are four locations. I go to the one in the 3rd arrondissement–make a pit stop when your roaming around the marais, or if you’ve paid a visit to the Pompidou.

Terres De Café, 14 Rue Rambuteau, 75003


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