Carbs on Carbs


ImageI mean…what else is new? The story is that today was a holiday in Paris, and we know the French take their leisure time and vacations very seriously, so the city was closed. Except for some bakeries obviously…what would the French do without their baguettes? Scary thought. I was craving a veggie burger from Mamie Green (best of all times) but it was closed…so I did some roaming and settled for Chez Aline. It’s a tiny little thing, with three tables outside and four seats inside (not a rarity; everything in this country is rather small) and it was packed. I had some cheesy potato and egg concoction (made sure to get some protein in there) and a side of beets to include some veggies in there…And some bread…oops. 8 euros for everything…Not too shabby.

Chez Aline, 85 Rue de la Roquette, 75011


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