Licking it clean


ImageChill. I obviously wasn’t ending my feast and beast semester with veggies. Although I do like a little decor to add on my basket of bread. So Yael and i decided to get some greens at Amici Miei for a nice supper.

ImageI mean…it was alright. Well, that’s embarrassing. Spotless.


We shared this bad boy. It was pretty amazing…
ImageThan we decided to swim in a little bowl of absinthe and such at Le Ballroom…my fave. Kind of decided to go big or go home. So than I convinced myself I had to sample all the other cocktails on the menu…I could’ve bought a pair of jeans. Instead, I made sure to drink a day’s worth of food. Best cocktails.


Pardon the chipped Butler Please, I haven’t had a manicure since…

The Italian food was delicious. Small restaurant, cozy, great pasta (Penne a la rabiata) and you must absolutely get a drink at Le Ballroom (du Beef Club)

Amici Miei, 44 Rue Saint-Sabin, 75011

Le Ballroom, 58 Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, 75001



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