A sexy cod


Indeed it was. Enter Les Cocottes, one of Christian Constant’s prized possessions and you will find a menu with all dishes in their proper crock pot. For Carly’s last night, Yael, Sammy and I met for a little wine and dine and a romantic moment at the Eiffel.

ImageThe salad with the poached egg was awesome. My fish was an emotional experience-had a little tinge of Thai flavor; it was excellent. I could’ve eaten his family as well but… Great wine at decent prices (somehow managed a Bourgogne carafe for 12 euros?)


We topped off the meal with dessert wine, a chocolate mousse and a pear and dark chocolate crumble. We only didn’t get the fabulous Christian Constant chocolate tart because David Lebovitz said it wasn’t fabulous. I was unimpressed by the desserts; the crumble was cold and the mousse was okay. It was all about the cod. And the company. Cocottes opens at 7 and you can’t reserve. 


Next stop was a little hello to the Eiffel Tower. Had a nice touristy moment, said our goodbyes and off we went our separate ways. Well, not goodbyes, just “See you later’s.” 

ImageYael and I kept the night flowing with a nice punch bowl…for 2 at Candelaria, my absolute fave. The table of 6 guys next to us ordered the same thing…and didn’t finish it. But we don’t do leftovers. We devoured our monstrous salad bowl of punch and off we went for a four cheese panini.

ImageLes Cocottes, 135 Rue Saint-Dominique, 75007 (appetizers 10 euros, mains 20-30)

Candelaria, 52 Rue de Saintonge, 75003. (Probably could’ve gone for a second bowl…)



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