Breaking the rules


So I went to this little coffee shop on a side street. That’s my standard “once upon a time” story opener.


Anyways, I went for a bite with Yael her first day here and I fell in love…with the kale pesto. They also had kale chips! I think I got a little too excited… Believe it or not, before I was a quiche addict and carb monster, I used to be quite the healthy lad.


The coffee was excellent (again, a rarity in Paris except for a select few) The place recently opened and the owner was skeptical about my photo snapping because he didn’t want any publicity. He was slightly adamant about not making guest appearance on any blog but I find it criminal to withhold this place from you. He wanted the place to remain a local spot, nothing exposed to tourists. I’m sorry but I had to share. The name of the place is in the pic. Go on a hunt.

ImageJust go.



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