Happy Friday


AKA Happy Hour. Tonight’s buy one get one went down at 223, a great cocktail bar with some delicious bites on the side.

ImageOn the left was the night’s winner: a white sangria with pears cooked in Riesling, cinnamon, english pepper and spices. YUM. Then came the spicy apple martini, shaken with elderflower syrup, apple nectar, lemon and nutmeg. And finally, the “Four Seasons,” a muddled strawberry concoction with grapefruit, lemongrass syrup and lemon juice. Drinks are about 44 shekels each so go for cocktail hour so you get some freebies.

Image…because three cocktails don’t settle well with an empty belly. PS- this was shared with Daniel. Evidence of his presence below. First a grilled artichoke and pesto dish, an eggplant carpaccio with feta cheese and Daniel got his very own chicken cheeseburger in which I partook in the potato part, they were awesome and sprinkled with paprika. We also got a beet and goat cheese dish but it wasn’t a beauty (looks wise, it tasted pretty good.)

ImageOh and lunch was incredible. 

ImageA nice mint lemonade and hot green salad at Fresh Kitchen. I must say the mint lemonade at Miami Juice wins. But this monster salad with tofu, broccoli, tomatoes, onions, sprouts, pesto, tahini and mushrooms bathed in a za’atar vinaigrette was insanely awesome.

223, Dizengoff 223, Tel Aviv

Fresh Kitchen, Dizengoff 149, Tel Aviv


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