Alright so although I have departed Paris and am currently being spoiled by beaches and sunny days in Tel Aviv, there is still some unfinished business I must share before proceeding with my current endeavors.

ImageSo this is Rose Bakery, one of my loves in Paris. An excellent brunch spot with a nice crowd, great food and soy milk! Say hello to my quiche with lentil salad and quinoa salad. The fruit crumble occurred on a separate day. It was nice and toasty. They have a few locations and just opened a tea room at Le Bon Marche.

ImageI am a mustard freak. Whenever I get the opportunity to lather it on my food, I don’t mess around. So when I entered Maille and there were too many kinds of mustards for my brain to handle, I just stuck around by the free sample section and found my winner…the mustard with truffle. Anyways, its a really great spot to get gifts; they have cute mini sets with assorted flavors that are always a good idea.

ImageThe granny in me loves tea. All kinds. For the fancy schmancy tea drinkers, there is Marriage Freres. Also a great place to gift shop (oldies love it.)

ImageThen Amsterdam happened. I trained it in the early morning with Tanya and Alex, mooched off their first-class free wine benefits, and that’s how we started our 11 a.m. adventures.

ImageThen the beasts came into town. Those fries were dangerous.

ImageDon’t let the hint of sunshine fool you. We froze our asses off. Had a nice fruity mojito with Fat Albert.


I had a nice life-size pancake with mixed veggies and a cheese overload at The Pancake Bakery. It was very touristy but delicious.

ImageWe did the whole Heineken thing. I hate beer (more of a mojito and wine girl, pardon) but it was still a cool experience.

ImageThe gang. Some jager for the gang.

ImageFinally the 3 stooges reunite.

ImageWhat happens in the Red Light district…stays there.

ImageWell, that’s kind of awkward to put side by side but both needed to be shared in one way or another. So thats some bomb lentil and cheese stuffed squash over a bed of couscous at Raïnaraï–amazing. And those are just some floating condoms at the condomerie.

ImageThe not too shabby hotel bar that covered up for our shitty location. And the two beasts just being…themselves.

Maille, 6 Place de la Madeleine, 75008

Mariage Freres, 30 Rue du Bourg Tibourg, 75004

Rose Bakery, 30 Rue Debelleyme, 75003

The Pancake Bakery, Prinsengracht 191

Raïnaraï, Prinsengracht 252

…I still have more oldies to share.


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