From Croissant to Crossfit


I am officially back to reality. Not that Miami is some kind of rough life, but the abroad experience has come to an end. My semester in Paris was easily the best adventure I’ve experienced up to date. And there could have been no better way to top it off than a 10 day pit-stop in Israel with Shelly and Daniel.

I took it easy in Israel. Meaning, I ate anything that crossed my face in Paris—absolutely no filter and definitely no regrets…though my boyfriend jeans turned into skinny jeans. It’s all good. I told myself I would cut the carb intake in Israel…and so I did. Daniel dragged me to join his cult at Crossfit—not once, but twice. I don’t think you can imagine my insides churning when the trainer announced we were doing pull-ups, burpees and some other hardcore shit. I was like…no, I’m actually more of a Zumba girl than a muscle-up girl (it’s some kind of abnormal pull-up for beasts) but they don’t do exceptions so I just made some attempts and looked pretty ridiculous. The whole time I kept thinking I was going to leave with thunder thighs, broad shoulders and pecks. But I kept that to myself as I couldn’t walk for three days.

The food in Tel Aviv was amazing. My daily frozen yogurt and acai bowl became a serious hobby. And then…a few other meals here and there that are worth bragging about.

 Food-hunting in the holy land…Everything but a pita:


Sushi at Fu is a must. I don’t know how I will go back to eating normal rolls once I’ve experienced the spicy tuna sandwich…and my spicy salmon roll with crispy sweet potato shreds. But Oishi Thai and Makoto have always been my salvation; I’ve never left there disappointed.


Next up, shakshuka—some bomb Israeli staple of fried eggs cooked into a tasty tomato sauce with eggplant at Cafe Barnash.



Lilush is an excellent, small neighborhood spot with delicious salads and innovative bites. The beet, walnut and feta salad has made the top five on my lifetime salad list. The next time I ate there, I went for the oatmeal bowl, and we shared this amazing beet and goat cheese blintz rolls.



Gaz dessert

Then there’s Gazzetta—a really cute tapas place. When I tell you we ordered the entire menu…I am being completely serious. We had to keep the food flowing with all the wine so…we ordered some raw yellowtail with tabouleh on a bed of yogurt, a roasted mushroom medley with parmesan, grilled artichokes with yogurt, shredded salad with tzatziki, grilled entrecote shreds with chimichurri, beet and lemony yogurt salad, eggplant parm, roasted pepper stuffed with ricotta and then…dessert: a fruity mascarpone dish and a chocolate one. Some looked better in my belly than on my camera so…you’ll just have to take my word.




Shila…amazing. Drinks: grapefruit sangria for me and passionfruit mojito for the bro (a girly choice for Mr. Crossfit, if I may say so..)  then, a white fish tartar with tahini, a raw tuna shredded salad, miniscule shrimp rolls with some kind of fish carpaccio, a roasted fish dish on yogurt, and some amazing shrimp in a pan dish.


Liselotte for breakfast. I had a yogurt and granola bowl (you cant see the depth in the picture…it was nice and hefty) and must have milked tons of cow nips for it- kill me now; helloooo Almond Breeze. And Daniel ordered his poffertjes (bite-sized pancake kinda thing…times 20)

Then my date with Shelly at Vicky Christina, the Woody Allen-inspired tapas place. Amazing. A couple of sangrias, patatas bravas, grilled asparagus with a seared eggplant cream, labneh and smoked almonds, and a cherry tomato, cilantro, onion, chilli, oregano, garlic, feta and olive tapenade salad. Nothing like a date with crazy Shelly…who dragged us into the Dan Panorama hotel to use the pool for some hours before.




Café Nola for the last breakfast. The place is really cute—a nice American-style bakery with a wild selection of baked goods and good standard breakfast. I had some fried eggs with salad and hashbrowns, which were not too beautiful but…eggs are eggs?


And this is my last Tamara…a depressing thought. Tell me this isn’t the sexiest frozen yogurt you’ve laid eyes on? Toasted coconut, roasted pecans, dates, granola, strawberries, banana and date honey. Bomb.

IMG_6561And for the grand finale…no better way to end than at the kotel…

IMG_6562Fu Sushi, 23 ירמיהו

Cafe Barnash, בוגרשוב 87

Lilush, 73 פרישמן

Gazzetta wine bar, Marmorek 12, Habima Qtr

Shila, 182 בן יהודה

Liselotte, Reynes 20

Vicky Cristina, Hatachana, 1 Koifmann St

Cafe Nola, 197 Dizengoff

Tamara, 96 Ben Yehuda St.


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