In the raw


ImageImageRaw as in some spicy tuna crispy rice at Makoto…or raw in the wholesome sense, like fresh-pressed kinda stuff at Jugo Fresh? The only thing Paris was lacking was some fresh sushi…they just couldn’t master it like Makoto. The seaweed salad is one of the best around, don’t get me started on the crispy tunas…and the vegan veggie roll (hello zucchini, avocado, squash, eggplant and roasted pepper) and then the unreal robata baby beets with feta yogurt and tomato relish. Bomb.

ImageAnd then the other kind of raw…a leche chocolaté–almonds, coconut meat, water, cacao, vanilla and agave for a nice $7.50 (mind you it was only 8 oz, the usuals are 16 oz. I obviously was unaware of that upon ordering) And then there’s a little shot of death, with lemon, lime, ginger, cayenne, turmeric, oregano oil, echinacea extract and raw honey I got for my mom who has a terrible cold. I joke it’s part of her early birthday gift…but now that I think about it, that little microscopic $4 thing will absolutely be part of her birthday gift-no joke there.

Makoto, 9700 Collins Ave, Bal Harbour, 33154 (best sushi ever. Seriously)

Jugo Fresh, 1935 West Ave #102, Miami Beach, 33139 (try the açai bowl too!)




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