Summer Fun


broken shaker

And naturally, the welcoming of summer sunshine is celebrated with delicious cocktails. Enter The Broken Shaker, a hostel bar wonderland in the Indian Creek hood, and you find a casual outdoor setting perfect for igniting frizzy hair and a sip of heaven. From the left, a not too pretty but very tasty “Thai Basil Mule,” some lemony, basil, citrus and vodka drink topped with homemade ginger beer. Then, I happened to also gulp a spicy vanilla bourbon thing because…it was the daily special and I didn’t want to miss out on life and calories. And leave it to Danielle to find a place that infuses a cocktail with um..kale and cucumber juice, along with turmeric, red pepper and tequila. Not too shabby.

Winner: that sexy one in the middle. Cocktails: $11 (but specials of the day are $7.) PS. The food menu looked bomb. Not to spoil it, but just to leave you drooling and salivating, since I am working up an appetite myself and…misery loves company! I mean, if a flatbread with smoked gouda, potato, rosemary, onion, purple asparagus and red watercress doesn’t turn you on, then we can’t be friends ($8) and theres some jars you can mess around with that house marinated olives or candied pecan clusters.

The Broken Shaker, 2727 Indian Creek Dr, 33140


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