Ice Ice Baby


AKA The new Ice Box in Miami Beach…I always had a thing for the one on Lincoln, but this one was pretty awesome.

ImageHello tofu veggie platter on the left with a bunch of good stuff like kale, cauliflower, roasted veggies, tomatoes, onions and barley-wheat berries. We liked you. As in my mother and I who partook in sharing the veggies and the miso scallops whose side mushrooms were bomb.

ImageThe restaurant was really cute and the desserts…not too bad looking either. Somehow a sample platter landed itself on our table, a strange thing that seems to appear from thin air. No complaints. I’m just going to pretend the carrot cake makes up part of my daily vegetable intake and is good for my vision. And I guess the same goes for that German chocolate cake. Don’t judge. Yet. Those little slices were properly distributed amongst a table of five.

Appetizers: $7-14; salads: $12-$17; main dishes from $14-$30. Btw, the brunch menu is pretty sexy and the place is always jamming with early birds.

Ice Box, 1855 Purdy Avenue, Miami Beach, 33139


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