Sipping fruit


I guess I have a sweet tooth. [Fact.] Find me the fruitiest and most fattening cocktail on the menu and my pointer finger wobbles straight to it, I salivate, and then order. It’s simply my regimen. Minus my kale colada, because that’s missing vodka and it’s too green to be considered a threat to my jean button.


Spinach, kale, banana and coconut AKA a kale colada at Juice Generation (at the Equinox in Soho)- just a visitor, not a member.) I was given that lovely opportunity to select my very own coconut (the largest possible one I could set my eyes on.) When the blender finished doing its thing I was asked if I wanted my smoothie in a cup or coconut. Um, coconut, obv. And yes, I took my coconut for a stroll around Soho and garnered some attention and jealous eyes.

ImageNow for the real cocktails. Somewhere on Mercer St. is MercBar, a nice and dim cozy bar with fun drinks. I was actually on my way to another bar, but the cow fur sofas sucked me into the place. So that’s my “Sexy Sadie” on the left, with some pear Grey Goose, St. Germain elderflower liquor, pear puree and blackcurrant liquor. Um, for housing three types of liquor in a martini glass, I would say the pear puree was a bit overpowering (making it drinkable and easy to down)-tasty nonetheless for a nice $14. If your into pear, it’s pearfecto, ha. And to the right, a few cocktails at The Strand in Times Square. Avoid that red one in the small glass, it’s a “Bitter Elizabeth,” some pomegranate and gin thing AKA Robitssun in disguise. However, it’s larger neighbor on the left was very refreshing and delish; a sweat tea vodka and peach puree concoction–winner (all $15)

Juice Generation, 69 Prince St, NY

MercBar, 151 Mercer St, New York, NY 10012

The Strand, 33 W 37th St NY, 10018



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