The hangover special



Being that New Yorker’s take the activity of brunching very seriously, that leaves limited options for hungry humans who would prefer to not wait an hour and a half for some kind of omelet or French toast if your skinny, a fatass, or simply enjoying life. With this in mind, after jotting down my name at Penelope’s as a number one brunch attempt, and being told the wait was an hour and a half, I had an inner-body spazz attack, kept my cool, and ran for my life (although I would like to return. Maybe.) Easy on the run, it was barely a fast-paced walk. The next stop was a random selection, as Google’s indications were not working in our favor. Enter Banc Cafe, with a nice little seven minute wait, and bam. That’s how it’s done. I ordered the “Nova,” which was poached eggs and smoked salmon on a whole wheat english muffin ($11.) The truth is, I have been depriving myself of the loathsome carb we all love to hate for quite a few weeks now (I have it on reserve for months in my system thanks to Paris) but I was like whatev, it’s whole wheat. Dude, it wasn’t even toasted. The audacity to serve a somewhat soggy english muffin just isn’t cool. The salt level of the salmon could have been a notch lower, but at least the eggs were poached to perfection? Also, I had asked to sub the potatoes for a salad, but when the server mistakenly didn’t do so, I had no choice but to clean my plate, potatoes and all.

Verdict: I saw other people eating better looking things (veggie burgers, yogurt and granola, etc.) It was good enough for a seven minute wait and an outdoor seating area on a beautiful sunny day. I don’t think I will return. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t insane, and more importantly, it wasn’t toasted.

Banc Cafe, 431 3rd Avenue, NY, 10016


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