No matter how many restaurants I have on my feast list to sample before departing NY, every time I’m in the city with my mom, we frequent the same spots. No complaints there. At all. When it’s good, it’s actually great. I’m not exactly a creature of habit because I want to try anything and everything (minus slimy things like squid and octopus, because there’s just too much leg action going on.) Le Pain Quotidien for an oatmeal breakfast (and almond milk cappuccino, praise the lord for this city), lunch at Fred’s and dinner at Bond Street. Done.

bond Street NYC

Thus tonight’s agenda? Bond. Menu? The usuals. With a few exceptions. There was no Asian pear bourbon, which is the cocktail of my dreams. That was disappointing. The lychee martini was a close second ($15.) Not on the same level of comparison, but definitely downable with pleasure. Drink number two was good, some sweet saketini with plum and a twist of lime, but nothing crazy ($14.) And then getting down to business. I often find myself biting into something and immediately responding with an “OMG, this is the best thing I’ve ever had.” The problem with that is if you ask me for the best things I’ve had, I have the memory of Dory from Finding Nemo and fail to recollect the dishes. But let me tell you one thing. The truffle tuna tarts at Bond Street are actually top five on my lifetime faves. The quiche from Bread and Roses in Paris is up there too. For now.

Okay but really, focus. Bond Street.

bond street nyc

The musts: Big eye tuna tarts—with truffle oil, creamy ponzu and shiso. It might be the request on my deathbed, along with the apple cobbler from Houston’s and my chiller from the Waterways. Next, the red snapper tacos ($17) with some kind of yuzu avocado mousse- crisped to perfection. The sesame crusted shrimp roll ($14) is fab, mainly because of the orange curry dressing on the side; otherwise it’s quite ordinary. The broiled seabass miso ($32) is awesome. And about those sake braised short ribs ($16) with roasted fuji apples, miso daikon and red shiso sauce…speechless.

bond street nyc

Tonight, the service got shaky at the end. As in, our seabass was completely forgotten. To make up for it, we were sent a microscopic piece of sashimi and some free desserts. When the company is perfect, bad service doesn’t bother me. What’s the rush?


Verdict: It’s not cheap, but it’s a necessary dining experience. At $21 a pop for the tuna tarts that only decorate the inside of your mouth and far from satiate any hunger pang, it’s still absolutely worth it.


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