The plainest of names


Jane. Like John Smith’s female version. But come in for dinner and you’ll be eating anything but bland. You should probably get a nice bottle of Côtes du Rhone. But then again, that’s all I sipped for an entire semester, so maybe you fancy other reds. Though you should def hit up the Côtes if you haven’t (minus its $40 price tag, that was annoying.)


Anyways, you’ll need a good dining partner to have a nice wine and dine. I got lucky. Finally got some face time with Lauren after way too much time apart. We shared the salmon and avocado tartar with a soy-wasabi citron and wontons (only 3, awkward) but it was really nice and fresh. I proceeded with the Tuesday special, crab cakes over an apple frisée salad; perfectly crisp on the outside, moist and pull-apart inside. Lauren went for the seared tuna steak which was really great minus the three-piece portion, it came with some shrooms, leeks, roasted pepper and cauliflower puree. Oh, and that special flag for special people with 50 allergies like Lauren. But I guess the portions were the anti-fatass American kind, the ones that leave you perfectly satiated… with a secret dream that there were 3 crab cakes instead of two (or four–no shame.)
See ya soon neighbor Jane. 
Jane, 100 W Houston St, New York, NY 10012 

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