…at Beauty and Essex. Pawn shop in the front, food porn in the back. Girls night out with Yael and Nataly–casual feasting.

ImageSo that was Yael’s bomb spaghettini with zucchini, lemon, parsley pesto, parm and the ultimate…a sunny side up egg. It was definitely one of the night’s winners; the lemon was a great touch, wouldn’t have thought to add that. But i like me some zesty flaves.


That corn “accessory” was a lover, it was topped with avocado, lime and manchego and we devoured it in seconds. The poke tuna tacos were also great, but like one of those mini things is like a joke, AKA not enough really…but still pretty delish.


That kale and apple salad was amazing. Candied pecans, shaved goat cheese and apple cider vinaigrette. No complaints. Then I could’ve definitely done without the “New York pretzel,” some shaved NY strip, mustard aioli and crispy shallots. It was the least appetizing. Downed it nonetheless, but not recommended.

Oh BTW- free champagne in the ladies bathroom. I might just start stopping by and going to the bathroom…

Great vibes and music, good food and most importantly- the best company. You should go. Reasonable standard prices.

Beauty and Essex, 146 Essex Street




One thought on “Beauties

  1. Your blog looks delicious. The spaghettini makes me want to bust out a mandolin and try to recreate the recipe. I am curious as to WHY there’s champagne in the bathroom. Please update us to the rest of the story.


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