Figs & Face Paint


In your head you want pasta, your pants command you to order a salad, and your liver fancies a sugary cocktail. That’s just a hardcore dilemma in daily life. Luckily for my elastic silk shorts, thirsty liver and healthy thoughts, it was a win win situation.


Dinner went down at Fig & Olive (in the Meatpacking) last night with my mama, Ilana and Nataly. Appetizers included this sexy tuna carpaccio with sesame oil, balsamic, cilantro and some nuts. Very fresh and tasty. And then…we ordered this mushroom penne with parsley, scallions and white truffle oil. That’s how it’s done. The pasta was great, cooked to perfection but warm (could’ve been hotter) completely downed it anyway. Well, a fourth of it (kinda, some sneaky bites too.)


Umm, that cocktail is genius. It was the Fig & walnut julep with bourbon, St. Germain, port, muddled black mission figs, mint, citrus and shaved walnuts. Basically, a feast in my cup. I could’ve had 10. And than, the signature salad. It was awesome. Greens with fig, apple, manchego, a hefty helping of olives, tomato, walnuts, sweet gorgonzola (I usually steer clear from this cheese but the sweetness made me devour it whole), scallion and fig balsamic. It confirmed my fig obsession. You have my upmost recommendation. Go.


The mama and I and than the girls at Le Bain–a not too shabby view of the city with some pretty good cocktails on the rooftop of The Standard. My coconut lemonade was good. I mean…it was no fig & walnut julep but let’s not get carried away here.


Oh, and that was some face paint action at Riff Raff’s. Best music of all times (DJ Chachi, I love you.)

Fig & Olive, 420 West 13th Street, NY (Make a reservation)

Le Bain, 444 West 13th Street, NY

Riff Raff, 360 Park Ave S, New York, NY 10010






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