TBT…when desserts were my snack



Just a casual throwback to the Parisian days when this was my um, afternoon snack (I wish I was kidding.) It’s like, “Oh, it’s 3 p.m., maybe I’ll grab a banana or some almonds to hold me over until dinner.” PSH, YEAH RIGHT. Almonds taste like nothing (I love them anyways, I really do) but sometimes they just don’t hit the spot, know what I mean?

So Jacques Genin is a legendary pastry chef in Paris–and by this I mean, I waited in line for precisely one hour with my aunt and cousin to sample what was thrown around as “the best hot chocolate ever” with a side of the best millefeuille of all times. We’re talking serious pastries with ridiculous vanilla or chocolate custard that melt in your mouth quicker than butter on a pan. Supposedly Genin is no longer making individual-sized pastries and is sticking to his other specialty of fine caramels and chocolates. If I was in town, I would run over there and see for myself. Unfortunately, I am back to reality. Back to the snack situation, so this was my chococcino, a totally insane concoction of hot chocolate and cappuccino that is actually better than the famed Angelina’s if you ask me. There are only a few tables inside, maybe about five and you can’t reserve. If you are in a rush, don’t even go. But seriously, what’s the rush? Just go. Oh, if you happen to be in Paris. It’s just beautiful.

Brace yourselves, hot chocolate from 6,50-9 euros (you can also get tea if your seriously that boring.) And the made to order millefeuilles are 8,50. Get it girl.

Jacques Genin, 133, rue de Turenne, 75003 


One thought on “TBT…when desserts were my snack

  1. sacanagem. são 4.30 da tarde e só tenho na minha frente um copo de água. Engraçado ainda uso copo.


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