new guac on the block



Okay, maybe it’s not exactly a guacamole replacement but…that avocado toast on toasted seven-grain bread at Cafe Gitane is an evening-changer. Normally, I would consider something insane a life changer, but to be honest, I’m not sure the slather of avocado on toast will truly impact my life in years to come. Actually, it totally might. Anyways, with just the right amount of chili oil and olive oil…you can easily order about six orders.

The feast of the night went down at the Cafe Gitane at the Jane Hotel because there are two locations. I caught up with longtime homie Jessica, which reminds me I should probably start taking pictures of people to go along with my food…Maybe. I usually always include a shot out though. And she definitely deserves one because we had an awesome time except for the fact that I accidentally took my expired credit card for a stroll this evening and…turned purple, apologized seven times, assured her I was not a date-scammer and promised to take her to her restaurant of choice. “Dinner on me next week! I promise!! Anything but Nobu!!” were my exact words.

ImageThe couscous was pretty great, it had a nice mix of raisins which anytime a little something fruity comes into my meal, it steals my heart. I don’t know why. The three slices of baguette were most definitely better regarded as plate decor, as they were completely stale. And then the special of the day was some yellowfin ceviche, let’s just say the “fish” came in dark chunks and I still think it was meat, even though I made the waiter come check it out and he confirmed it came from the sea and didn’t moo. Odd. The citrusy sauce had a nice tangy flavor, but overall, the dish was our least favorite.



Oh, I started out with a nice cucumber cocktail, I’m just going to consider it part of the green juice fad and call it a day. It was really refreshing and delicious. Jessica’s drink came in a minuscule glass, maybe inquire about cup size before ordering? I hate small portions. Of anything.

Cafe Gitane, 113 Jane Street (Go.)



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