My favorite dinosaur


It’s not the big purple Barney you have in mind, but very close. It’s Barney’s. And then there’s Fred’s, which I’ll just pretend is another dinosaur, or whatever because this is starting to sound weird.


But in all seriousness, everytime I come to New York, Fred’s is a must. The salads are monstrous and I think the lord knows hefty portions are my cup of tea. So. Last night, I had dinner at Fred’s with Lyn, a friend that I share with my mother because she’s too great to not share kind of thing. After getting a little boozy with a few glasses of Sancerre, I opted for the roasted salmon dish, which was literally crisp to perfection. Grilled asparagus and some roasted potatoes on the side made it seriously hit the spot. But of course, since an apple a day keeps the doctor a way…we figured we would go for the apple crumble instead of anything chocolatey to keep it umm, healthy? The service was a bit slow, but we were in absolutely no rush, and the fish could have been a bit warmer but it was very delicious nonetheless.

I like the ambiance; the glass windows around the restaurant give you a good view of the city. It’s more happening for lunch and a bit on the quiet side for dinner, which is good because you don’t have to wait for a table. I must quickly warn you about the robiola, some cream cheese and truffle foccacia thing that is kind of life-changing. I dare you to try it.

Fred’s, 660 Madison Ave


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