The new fruit salad


is actually anything but. It is fruity though. And I must say, within this entire cocktail selection, somehow I managed to keep the variety flowing.


Left: an anjou mama at Death & Co. Gin, Orgeat, cinnamon bark syrup, acacia honey syrup, fresh lemon juice and muddled anjou pear ($14). It was very refreshing and the place was pretty cool. You give the guy your name and number at the door, and they’ll call you when a table is available. Sammy and I went for a long overdue drink, and had to kill about 30 min. So naturally, we had some stale guac and chips around the corner. Worth the wait, dark and cozy intimate environment. Not a go out and meet people kind of place but still worth checking out. Right: the fraise sauvage at Employees Only, which was where we started our night. It was an awesome drink consisting of gin, wild strawberries, vanilla and topped off with prosecco ($15.)

ImageNext up, margaritas. I’m typically more of a mojito and sangria girl, but the latino atmosphere brought out the urge to chug a crazy fattening frozen cocktail. Oops. Left: blood orange margarita at La Esquina ($13; the food post on this will arrive shortly) and right: guava and strawberry margaritas at Cafe Habana ($9; also has a food post coming.) Winner: guava at Cafe Habana.


Left: some cousin of the mojito made with cucumber at Kittichai…very tasty and right: the bartender’s choice at Middle Branch–muddled blackberries to get my antioxidants in for the day. He surprised me. It was delicious.


Keeping the pinks together here. Left: vodka, peach puree and prosecco at The Biergarten at The Standard–I had to work really hard not to slurp it at once ($14) right: grapefruit sangria at Middle Branch, very light and fruity…alcohol content is questionable? Definitely tasty nonetheless.

Well, that’s the cocktail recap. I’m just trying to spice up my fruit intake. You see? By drinking all my cals, I just saved a trip, or five, to Whole Foods.

Death & Co., 433 E 6th St, Manhattan

Employees Only, 510 Hudson St

La Esquina, 114 Kenmare St

Cafe Habana, 17 Prince St

Middle Branch, 154 E 33rd St

Kittichai, 60 Thompson St

The Biergarten at The Standard, 848 Washington St


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