Natural stuff?


Who knows? But since the name of the restaurant was Spring Street Natural, I figured anything on the menu was safe (deep, deep down I knew that a second helping of the sweet potato bread was anything but healthful but I took one for the team?)

ImageBack to the subject of last night’s dinner, which went down with Ilana at this soho spot…I got the quinoa salad, with cashews, green onions, avocado, dried apricot, fresh mint, olives, baby arugula, feta cheese and citrus vinaigrette ($16) and Ilana went for the delicious sesame-crusted yellowfin tuna steak, with a soy  glaze, wasabi mashed potatoes, and sauteed baby bok choy and crispy leeks ($24) Both were amazing and very tasty (or as tasty as you can get with a quinoa salad) but her’s was probably the winner…

I’m a fan of the hefty portions (oops, the American from within) but it’s natural! Or whatever that means. The service was nice and timely, the ambiance was standard–nothing to wow about, but definitely give the food a try. We also had a side of black beans, which tasted like…a side of black beans. Delicious nonetheless!

Spring Street Natural, 62 Spring St, New York (it’s right next to Jack’s Wife Freda!)


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