Meet my neighbors


Luckily, I didn’t need to venture too far off to explore food in Soho because on my very street, Thompson, rest a few gems.

ImageSo that’s the sea bass at Lupa, with salsa rossa and sweet corn, it was delicious. Perfectly cooked and seasoned but then…I was with a dangerous friend and we shared a pasta. We had to. The lady next to us was enjoying it way too much and we needed in on the fun. Worth it. To the right is another fishy friend, an herbed yellowfin tuna sandwich with artichoke, tomato, cucumber, portobello mushrooms and cheese on ciabatta at Snack (also on Thompson.) The place was very cute, a Greek Mediterranean spot with five tables (all occupied) and a tasty, well-priced menu. Casual lunch. My sandwich was great except for the fact that the bread didn’t taste all that fresh. I would still return because I was eyeing everyone else’s food.


And then there’s Salud, which means health in Spanish, so I figured anything on the menu was fair game? That’s my dairy-free frozen hot chocolate with coconut–I am upgrading this as my summer necessity, right up there with my water bottle. No sugar, nice big cup! And then I decided to be a bit boring with my egg, kale and avocado wrap. Don’t be fooled, I had quite the questionable dinner the night before. Incredible Mexican, but downed the whole bowl of chips…Oops.



Then…there’s Cocotte, which was a little underground French tapas spot that automatically sucked me in. Lauren and I shared both the  crunchy veggie salad with fava beans, peas, asparagus and baby carrots with some balasamic- very refreshing and the salmon sashimi dish that was very fresh, tasty and flavorsome.



A cocotte of salted cod and mashed potatoes- delish! And a homemade chocolate tart because obviously fish isn’t going to be the last thing I put in my mouth at the end of a meal…Lauren got the shredded beef with shiitake mushrooms and shallots, which was delicious. 

Lupa, 170 Thompson St

Snack, 105 Thompson St

Salud,107 Thompson St

Cocotte, 110 Thompson St (best service-ever)




3 thoughts on “Meet my neighbors

  1. hi! just found your blog from natacha steven! which nike blazers are you wearing in the photo? they look white and red? very lovely and glad to have found your blog


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