Spice of life


…comes in Moroccan food.

ImageLast night’s dinner was a catch-up session with Tanya at Cafe Mogador. Amazing. There’s no better start to a meal than warm pitas (several…) with labneh and babaganouch and of course, mango martinis. And then, heaven on earth. That vegetable tagine with crispy okra and herbed coucous was dangerous. The greens had candied walnuts, apple and beet somewhere hidden in that pile, and some melt-in-your-mouth goat cheese on toasts–delicious.

ImageBut then of course, a trip to Sundaes and Cones for some homemade ice cream. Lots of funky flavors, like avocado, black sesame and wasabi but…hello chocolate peanut butter with toasted coconut on top, get at me.

Everyone needs to try Cafe Mogador. And then have ice cream after. End of story.

Cafe Mogador, 101 St Marks Pl (there’s another one in Williamsburg)

Sundaes and Cones, 95 E 10th Street


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