Standard snacks


AKA snacks at The Standard.

ImageWalking around town is sometimes exhausting, so when the sun is shining, you can find me sipping something fruity at an outdoors bar. In this case, my mom and I were strolling, tired, in need of a bite and with some time to kill. The Standard Plaza seemed inviting, the sangria was screaming my name and so…that happened. First up, my rosé sangria and mama’s classic mojito (well, with Splenda–maybe not so classic?) A glass of refreshment served over ice. Then I proceeded with #2, my cava fresa, a nice vodka, berries and mint fix topped with cava–loved both. Could’ve probably had fifths. PS. At $12 a drink, I found it pretty reasonable considering the hotel, atmosphere, area, and…NY.

ImageAfter serious debate over whether or not we would indulge in a nice pizza, we decided otherwise. Solely because we had sushi reservations about…2 and a half hours later. That being said, with one glance at the farro, pear, raisins, walnuts and frisee salad I decided it was a done deal. Delicious and tasty but definitely more to the raisins than the farro…So we decided round two (and three?) were of strong necessity. Still with the upcoming sushi in mind, we opted for sides of broccoli rabe with hazelnut, chilies and bottarga and then a roasted cauliflower side with pine nuts, currants and chillies. Both were pretty amazing and tasty. The currants in the cauli made it.

The Standard Plaza, 848 Washington St.




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