Creme de la creme yo


Screen Shot 2013-08-24 at 9.16.41 PM

I’m not necessarily saying Madison, Wisconsin is completely lacking in the gourmet department because that would be an inaccurate statement…however: I just arrived. I just unpacked eight boxes. One of them had my favorite hearts of palms from Costco in Miami. The jar exploded. It was wrapped in bubble paper. My clothes smell like shit. I am not a happy camper. Waste of hearts of palm. That is valuable. My clothes are moldy. I was angry. I am over it. I need to find a dry cleaner. I will google that soon. I found three insects in my apartment. Wine will fix the problem. Trader Joe’s has a slim selection of French wine. I need to move to Paris. I need to start cooking creative things. That taste good. I have no idea what I’m saying. I guess I’m rambling. Because I don’t feel like getting dressed to go out. Way too many fragments. Too many ads on Pandora. Oh, here are the images that I believe are cool enough. To share with the world. So…I just did. Au revoir.


red lips


perfect body





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