Oldies but goodies


So Madison has this fabulous food event that wraps around the capitol every year where you basically just sample a bunch of cuisines from different restaurants, with a glass of beer or wine if you please. AKA the life.. So August 31st went down and here’s the favorite’s breakdown:

photo-20I’ve never had anything “gumbo,” the closest I’ve encountered is probably something jumbo. But the flavor here was amazing, it really had the perfect amount of spice which was nicely balanced out with some rice. I would definitely order something like this if I saw it on a menu.


Amazing. The trout tasted really fresh and it worked well with the baguette, cream cheese and shredded cheese.

photo-18I have a strong love for all kinds of squash. From spaghetti to acorn to kobocha…seriously all. I also happen to be a fan of curry. Tofu on the other hand, obviously has no flavor on its own and relies on spices and flavorful ingredients to make it tolerable? This was another great round.

photo-398Here’s Lauren looking rather excited/figuring out how to conquer this serious, double whammy sandwich situation from Capriotti’s.


Here’s the turkey sandwich under the spotlight. I go back and forth between being a wannabe vegan, a pescatarian and whatever my mood tells me to eat for the day. I am currently a pescatarian. My one year anniversary‚Ķof not eating any chicken or turkey was this past August. I did have some meat this summer. But I’m back on my veggie and fishy game. Point being, I did not try the sandwich but Lauren is a very reliable food source (despite her being allergic to half the food world)–her final ruling was in serious favor of this sandwich.

photo-399And here’s the wine and dine team.


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